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One of the biggest issues facing Government, Defence and their Industry partners is how to securely share and collaborate on sensitive or classified information.

Kojensi Gov is an accredited PROTECTED cloud service that enables Government, Defence, and Industry to securely share and collaborate on sensitive or classified information, increasing productivity, speeding decisions and business processes, and improving data classification awareness and accuracy.

Kojensi Gov’s industry leading attribute based security model (ABAC) makes the Kojensi platform unique. User and document attributes control the flow of information and facilitate secure sharing within and between Government, Defence and Industry.

Key Features

Government Grade Security and Compliance

Being able to share and collaborate on sensitive information securely is critical for productivity and service efficiency. Kojensi Gov is created specifically to comply with the data handling, storage and information security legislation and regulations of the public sector.

The platform, now in its 4th generation, was originally created for information sharing at TOP SECRET levels. Over 12 years of experience have allowed archTIS to deliver a collaboration platform with security built from the ground up, no added later.

Kojensi Gov has in-built data classification and access control, utilising Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). This industry leading access control method allows you to provide and remove access to information based on file and user attributes such as security clearance, nationality, data classification and more.

Kojensi Gov is provided via an ASD-accredited PROTECTED cloud service provider, with all data stored locally in Australian-based data centres. Kojensi Gov provides you with the security you need in order to protect your organisation sensitive information.

Inter-agency and Industry PROTECTED Collaboration

Kojensi Gov empowers organisations by making the right information available to the right people at the right time. Kojensi Gov allows you to share and collaborate on sensitive files (documents, pdfs, images, video's etc.) across government, universities and the private sector, both within Australia and across the globe.

Kojensi Gov's full auditing capability also allows you to monitor changes made to your organisation's information, with individual organisation audit logs provided, enabling you to respond quickly to suspicious activity and report on your compliance requirements.

Secure Online Editing

Kojensi Gov provides you online editing and coauthoring of documents within a secure PROTECTED environment. Members of a group can discuss and record the progress of, and changes to, documents, spreadsheets and presentations of up to 10GB.

Kojensi also enables you to track the changes and file history of all documents, allowing you to roll back to an older version to recover from unnecessary or erroneous changes. Editing is controlled by role and by individual attributes, ensuring edits are made by only those with the correct level of access and permissions.

Empower Your Teams

Kojensi Gov reduces administrative overhead by enabling business teams to decide who has access to files, without having to go back to their ICT staff to set up access.

Business teams can instantly establish workspaces for inter-agency and industry projects, and set permissions for shared information, including creating “read-only” versions, up to full accessibility and editing. With permissions being applied at the organisation, group and content level, workspace managers can dynamically add, remove and change user access permissions on a case by case basis.

You're in control of your files - Users contributing content to the platform have full control over how, and to who, their files are shared and accessed.

Other Features

Full Text Search
Version Control
File Commenting and Chat
Fully WCAG Compliant with Accessibility Themes
and Fonts
Two Factor Authentication
Large File Uploads
Logs and Audit Trails

Security and Compliance

Kojensi Gov is fully compliant with a number of security frameworks and protocols, bringing you the security you need with the functionality you want.

The Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF)

The Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) has been developed to assist Australian Government entities to protect their people, information and assets, at home and overseas.

This framework sets out the mandatory requirements, controls and guidance; especially where it concerns the access to, and protective marking and handling of, sensitive and security classified information.

Kojensi Gov enables organisations to select from a number of in-built security controls designed to assist in the correct marking and handling of classified information. Apply security classifications, dissemination limiting markers and releasability caveats to files upon upload, creation, or edit, to ensure only the appropriate authorised users will have access to them. The same workspace could potentially display completely different views of content holdings to every user accessing it!

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ISM 2017

The Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) is the standard that governs the security of government ICT systems. Complementing the PSPF, the ISM sets out the principles and provides agencies with a detailed set of controls that must/should be implemented to mitigate risks to their information.

Kojensi Gov was built with the ISM controls in mind. It implements all relevant MUST controls and a large number of the SHOULD controls that are required for systems holding classified content up to PROTECTED. Indeed, Kojensi Gov already meets a great number of the ISM controls required to readily scale up the security to meet the higher-security levels required for secure private cloud implementations of the content and collaboration service.

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Privacy Act

The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) regulates how personal information is handled. Personal information can include an individual’s name, signature, address, telephone number, date of birth, medical records, bank account details and commentary or opinion about a person.

Kojensi Gov assists organisations in the identification and dissemination of privacy-related information by enabling the application of dissemination limiting markers (DLM). Upon upload, creation or edit, users can assess the privacy requirements of each file and assign an appropriate DLM to ensure users are aware of the sensitivity of the content and the manner in which they should be handling it.

Users can manage a great deal of their information in Kojensi Gov as well. MyProfile accounts and personal homespaces enable users to modify their personal information, view their system role and the security clearance information as provided by their organisation, select accessibility options, and manage their workspace memberships and notifications.

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Use Cases

Kojensi Gov is designed to solve your critical business issues. See how Kojensi Gov can help your organisation to work smarter and faster in a secure, trusted environment.

Use Case 1

Classified Collaboration Between Agencies


A group of agency units need to collaborate with each other to finalise a new policy proposal. To achieve this, they need to work together to write, cost and propose a new policy for approval by Parliament.


The information they need to share and work on is classified 'PROTECTED' and many of the files being shared are large in size. Furthermore, some files need to be restricted to a subset of agencies within the group. At present they rely on secure USBs and literally running files from one building across town to the destination agency's building. Once the information has been delivered, they place numerous calls and emails to each other to refine the proposal over a period of several months. The decision trail is hard to track and information regarding the final decision can be lost. The process is slower and less productive than it could be.


By implementing Kojensi, the agencies can set up a shared workspace and invite all authorised users in to share and collaborate on the information required to develop the proposal in full. The users can upload multiple files at once or large files, and notify relevant parties that the information is now ready and available to work on. Files can be commented on, discussions can be had within the workspace, and all changes are fully version controlled and tracked. Moreover, users can edit the files directly within the workspace to ensure the security, integrity and availability of the content. They can even set up approval workflows that automate the review and approval process!


A faster, more efficient process for developing proposals for Parliament. A full audit trail of the collaboration and decision-making process ensures the decisions and their related information can be readily identified, reported on and provided in the case of Freedom of Information requests.

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Use Case 2

Secure Private Cloud for Higher Security Levels


Some agencies have the same sharing and collaboration requirements for information classified at levels higher than Protected (e.g. SECRET, TOP SECRET).


Very few services exist that provide these high levels of security with the rich functionality offered by commercial vendors. Bespoke solutions are expensive, often contain limited or cumbersome functionality and can be difficult to maintain. Kojensi was developed and accredited for information sharing at TOP SECRET/SCI.


Kojensi Enterprise can be implemented as a secure private cloud on agency or industry premises to manage the sharing, storage and handling of Secret or greater classified information between agencies.

Highly experienced in deployed systems to meet the more stringent information security requirements of secure government, archTIS can provide all of the Kojensi functionality within a secure cloud on-premises environment that is suitably scaled for the required level of ISM controls. We work with you to provide all information you need to complete the accreditation process; getting users productive on our service as quickly as possible.


Your organisation now has an inter-organisational, inter-nation capability to securely share and collaborate on highly sensitive information.

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Use Case 3

Securing the Defence Industry Supply Chain


The Defence Industry supply encompasses companies from global multi-nationals to SME's, all needing to collaborate on highly sensitive information. Different suppliers need to work together on a project and the team members are geographically dispersed, represent diverse organisations and have differentiated levels of security clearances.


It is difficult for all members to work together because they all require differentiated access to the data required for use within the project, and they are unable to work together within the same location. These challenges make collaboration difficult to achieve because the access framework is just not granular enough to meet these needs. Traditional approaches to content management and collaboration use role, container or application-based access.


Kojensi Gov is a cloud service that allows users to log in from anywhere using their internet browser. The service employs attribute-based access control methods to provide a robust, granular access system utilising user and content attributes. Users can all access the same workspace or information container, but will be provided with a very personalised view of information based on their security clearance, nationality, organisation, and a variety of other attributes. With its multi-country security model users will see and collaborate on files in their own countries security classification.


Users can work together but are only granted access to content that matches their attributes. It provides a more inclusive environment for all users while retaining the security controls around access to classified content.

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Available through the DTA's Cloud Marketplace

Kojensi Gov is available for purchase through the DTA's Cloud Marketplace for Government and Universities and through archTIS for private sector organisations. Contact us to arrange a demo of Kojensi Gov, or to discuss pricing options and packages.